I Am So Not Supergirl

     It's Road Trip Wednesday again! Here's this week's topic:

What are your writing and publishing superpowers (drafting? beta-reading? writing queries? plotting? character creation? etc.) -- and what's your kryptonite?
     Superpowers? Moi? I wish! Seriously, I can't think of anything. I know what comes easier to me and I know what's more difficult, so maybe I should just go with that. I find dialogue, emotions, and scenes between the love-interests the easiest and the funnest to write. They come naturally and quickly to me. But that doesn't mean they end up good so I couldn't really call that a superpower.
     As to the kryptonite... sheesh- everything?! Okay, descriptions for me are hard. I don't have the patience for them when I'm reading, nor do I have the patience to write them. I write them anyway because I know they're necessary. But when I read, it's the story, the characters, the actions that capture me, not what they're wearing or what the house looks like or how pretty the sky is. That's the kind of reader I am and that's the kind of writer I am. So descriptions are something I really have to slave over so they don't totally suck.
     I'd also have to say that writing the dreaded synopsis is like a trip to the guillotine. Mine for Daze and Knights totally sucks and I'm going to have to rewrite it before I do another round of queries in the new year.
     What about you? Do you have Superpowers? And if so- mind sharing?