I'm done! I did it! I finished writing my third book! Ooo-aaa, ooo-aaa, woot, squee (and all those other weird internet sounds people like to make up and somehow become wildly popular).
     So it's no NaNo, but I did write it in three and a half months, which is a record for me. Not that I was trying to hurry, but I did have a goal to have it finished before I leave for my cruise next weekend. And I did! Yay!
     Anyway, I'm giving it one edit right now while separating it into chapters and then I'm going to put it away for a bit. Maybe send it to betas if I think it's ready. I've got some other editing to do and I'm already brainstorming what to write next.
     I'm totally psyched I did it. Writing the first draft is probably the funnest part of all, but there's nothing like that feeling of accomplishment when you've written that last word.