Waiting, Rushing, and Love Story

     While I was cleaning my bathrooms this morning (yuck- hate that), I came to a decision. The one good thing about cleaning is that it's so monotonous that it frees my mind up to think of other things. So I thought about the scene I'll be writing next, and also came up with an idea for the scene after.
     The decision I came to was this: stop querying. Not for ever of course. I usually stop mid-November until late January just because of the whole holiday season. But instead of sending out anymore, well, I'm not going to. Why? Well, I got an excellent critique back from an agent who had a partial. He gave me a lot of stuff to think about that I haven't gotten to yet because I've been concentrating on my WIP.
     Can I just say how awesome it is to get agent feedback? SO AWESOME!
     Anyway, I have a full out there as well that I'm waiting on, and in the chance that I get feedback off that as well, I think I'm just going to wait. That's what this whole business is about right? Waiting? Haha.
     So that's the plan. Smart? I think so. I have to constantly tell myself not to rush. This isn't a race. I may not be getting any younger (sniff), but now that I finally got what I wanted (agent feedback), I need to take the time to carefully consider all of it.
     On to the 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 8: A Song I Know All The Words To
     Um... all of them? Haha, kidding. But pretty much any song I like, I know all the words to. So to narrow it down, I thought of songs I like to sing along to. If I'm in the mood to sing, I usually put on Taylor Swift. I don't sound good singing along to her, but that doesn't stop me! Anyway, I picked one of my favorites of hers: Love Story. Enjoy! (FYI- the music video is awesome.)