Don't Cry

30 Day Music Challenge, Day 4: A Song That Makes Me Sad
     Who wants to think about songs that make them sad? Not me. I like to listen to music that buoys me up.
     Oh well. There are some songs that make me sad. One of them is this one, Lover Dearest by Marianas Trench.

     I read recently that Josh Ramsay, lead singer of Marianas Trench, wrote the song as a letter to Heroin when he was struggling with the addiction as a teenager. When I listen to the song, I take a completely different meaning out of it, but now that I know that, I see it in a whole new light.
     No matter how you interpret it, the song is heart-breaking. And Josh Ramsay's vocals are amazing in all of his music (I love the scratchy-screamy power to his voice). This song is no exception. And if you've never heard of Marianas Trench, or don't know their music, try out Beside You and Good to You for slow songs, and Cross My Heart, Celebrity Status, and Acadia for faster tunes (All To Myself is good too, except it's got F-bombs in it, and I hate that).
     What songs make you sad?