Adele and Sean (aka, Songs and Crushes)

     30 Day Song Challenge, Day 17: A Song I Hear Often On The Radio
     I don't listen to the radio often. Well, that's not true. I'm a radio-surfer. I'll surf through the different stations I have programmed in my van, and if I don't like any of the songs, I'll turn on a CD. Sometimes I'll get involved in the CD and not turn it off, but other times, when a song is over, I'll check the radio again, just to see.
     One song I was surprised to hear on the radio is Adele's Someone Like You. I love this song, but it surprised me that she chose it as her next single. I'm psyched every time I hear it on the radio though, and I love to sing along, even though my voice totally butchers it. If you don't listen to Adele, you should, because she's amazing.

     Last night my hubbie went to a Flames game, so I had my pick of what to watch on TV. Sitting on my PVR was the movie You Again, starring Kristen Bell and Jaime Lee Curtis. It was funny if over-the-top sometimes, and occasionally cheesy, but I enjoyed the movie and the whole getting over high school theme. One person that stood out to me, even though he had hardly any lines, was Sean Wing. I don't know why he stood out, maybe cuz of his looks... okay, yes because of his looks. What a cutie. I've heard he's on 90210 sometimes but I don't watch that show so I hope we'll get to see more of him in the future.