Road Trip Wednesday- Adults to Teens

Hmm, today's topic is an interesting one...

What non-YA character would you love to see star in a YA book as themselves?

     This could be a hard question but I had one character come to mind right off the bat. I know I'm approaching the point of talking Persuasion to death, but I can't help but choose Anne Elliot. Actually, the reason I choose her is this: before starting my modern-Persuasion WIP I struggled back and forth between making the book YA or adult. Originally I thought adult. Then I thought, since I loved writing YA so much, why not YA? Then no, adult. Then back to YA. You get the point.
     Anne Elliot as a high school character might not be that interesting since her school days are before she ever meets Frederick Wentworth. And let's face it, Anne is such a good person that she might not be that interesting to read about before her love story happens (then un-happens). But I can't help but choose her because I've already imagined what her love story could have been like if it had taken place during High School instead.
     This is what I was going for... Anne meets Frederick in Grade 9. They date, but her friends convince her to dump him because he's not cute enough/good enough/rich enough/cool enough/captain of the football team/whatever (I hadn't figured that detail out). Then he moves away and comes back Senior year. Suddenly he's a hottie, all the girls want him, and Anne wishes she had never dumped him back when she was a silly fourteen-year-old. So she has to watch him date other girls, maybe even her friends, because he doesn't want anything to do with her since she broke his heart four years before.
     I think that would make a great story. HOWEVER... the one problem I had with it was how shallow Anne would come across (aka: dumping a guy because her friends think she should and then wanting him when he comes back because he's all hot? HELLO- SHALLOW). I've had a hard time with people seeing Jessica from my YA MS Daze and Knights as shallow (mostly in my query) and I didn't want to go there again. I'm sure someone else could write this story and not have this problem.
     But, I think that would make a great story. Anyone wanna write it? Cuz if they do- I'll be one of the first to read it!