Music, Mania, and Michael Buble

     My music annoys some people. I know. And I'm sorry, really. I keep it there because it's the soundtrack to my current WIP and I listen to it when I'm writing. And sometimes just opening my blog and hearing it is enough to get the brain juices flowing.
     Anyway, I put it on stop- so it will only play if you press play- mostly just for today's post.
     Music is a huge part of my WIP. My MC Ava plays and teaches piano. Eric, her love interest, is a famous musician. It took a lot of brain storming to decide what kind of musician he would be. I made him into a jazz musician, or more specifically, someone like Michael Buble.
     Why? When people think of musicians, they tend to form an image in their head right off the bat. Ex: Rock Star = wild hair, tattoos, and depending on your age- plaid and bandannas, or tight jeans and studded bracelets. Country singer = cowboy boots and cowboy hat. Rapper = black guy, or Eminem.
     I know, I know. These are STEREOTYPES. They're not always true. But that doesn't stop people from hearing "rock star" and picturing someone who looks like Axl Rose.
     Since Eric was already crystal clear in my mind, I pictured him in fitted suits and skinny black ties. Hence- jazz singer. (I hope against hope that when people hear jazz musician, they picture Harry Connick Jr. or Michael Buble and not some fuddy-duddy old guy.)
     Then I started listening to my Michael Buble CDs (I have all of them cuz he's awesome) and I found songs that not only fit with my WIP, but they fit right INTO my WIP. As in, songs he would actually sing TO her or ABOUT her. Like these:

     Near the beginning, Eric sings this at a party, but he's basically singing it right to Ava as she sits there listening. Ouch. I love how angry this song sounds, which is exactly how I'd picture Eric singing it.

     I do flashbacks in this WIP, and this song is during one of those. While Eric doesn't actually sing this song, he does tell Ava to "hold on". I listened to this over and over while writing the scene.

     I haven't written the scene where this song will take place yet- it's near the end. But I have it clear in my mind and I can't wait to write it. I just hope the feeling I get and what I imagine in my head when I listen to this comes out as strong and clear on paper.
     Those are just three of many. But three very important songs to my writing. And FYI- Michael Buble is AWESOME in concert. I saw him last year.
     Any music inspiring your WIP?
     ***PS- I've entered YAtopia's Pitch Contest with Mandy Hubbard. You can find it here.
     *** PPS- I LOVE Mandy Hubbard's book Prada and Prejudice and can't wait to get my hands on her new one, Ripple.