Love and Winners

     Here's this weeks YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday Topic:

What themes, settings, motifs, scenes, or other elements do you find recurring in your work?

     So, um. Huh. This is a little hard because the first MS I wrote Daze and Knights, and then its sequel (which is 90% done), both take place in the past. Different times in the past. Daze and Knights in Medieval Times, Untitled Sequel in 1781 Virginia. The WIP I'm working on now, Sway, is contemporary. So there really aren't any similar settings. We're talking castles to Colonial Houses to LA Mansions. Medieval villages to rural outdoors to beaches.

    The one recurring theme in all three... well, that's easy. Love. Love. Luuuurve. I didn't really think of my first two MS' as romances, or even love stories as I was writing them. But really, they are. And so is Sway. I've realized that I like to write about relationships. Those are the scenes that go easiest for me. The scenes I love to write. Anything to do with love, heartbreak, jealousy, and pining after someone shows up in all three.

     I can't help it. I love me some luuuurve. (And I love saying luuuurve.) (And there were so many pretty heart pictures, I couldn't choose just one.)

     And because I love to spread the love, last week in honor of reaching 100 followers, I did a contest to enter your first 25 pages for me to critique. Since there were only three entries, I hereby name you all winners.
     So, Jenna Cooper, Kirsten Lopresti and Prerna Pickett, you can all email me your first 25 and I'll take a look at them. Email me at mmstanford(at)hotmail(dot)com.
     Love you all!