How's This For Funny?

     I'm stuck at this certain part in my WIP. I need a character to tell a funny story, or at least the end of a funny story. So I'm sitting there thinking, what's funny? What's the last funny story I heard? What's the last funny thing that happened to me? What makes me laugh?
     Well obviously I came up with a big fat NOTHING (hence the word "stuck"). I laugh a lot when I'm watching Friends, or The Big Bang Theory, but those aren't my jokes, so I can't use them. At my writer's group this past week someone shared a very funny story, but again- not mine- and I'm not going to steal it. So since I couldn't come up with anything, I vowed that I would remember that I need a funny story and to keep my ears and eyes open for one.
     Probably fifteen minutes later I found myself laughing so hard my cheeks were hurting.
     AHA! Right?
     This is what happened: My two-year-old daughter had carried up three of these big inflatable hammers that squeak when you hit something (we won them at a theme park). Then we proceeded to whack each other with them over and over while both of us giggled uncontrollably.
     Did I laugh? Yes. Funny story? Sadly, no. And what's doubly sad? Most of my laughter, when it's not coming from TV or books, stems from silly things like this (or similar child-related happenings such as poop, weird words, funny faces, falls that don't involve crying, dancing, etc).
     Maybe I should be writing about something else...