WriteOnCon and Taylor Swift

     Can I just say that WriteOnCon was totally amazing?! Ha- of course I can. Sure there were some things I knew already, but I learned a ton as well. But not only that, it just... filled me up. It's like when I go to church on Sundays, I leave there feeling spiritually refreshed. This was the same except now I'm writerly (is that a word?) refreshed. It made me really want to go to a live conference. I've balked at them before because of the cost, the trip I would most likely have to make alone- which also adds to the cost, and asking someone to babysit my four kids while I take off. But this feeling I have of being part of the writing community (even though I was at home the whole time) is just so awesome.
     The hardest part for me was trying to simultaneously ignore the housework while trying not to ignore the kids while trying to take part in everything going on. My control-freak-ness was hard to overcome. And I think I have permanent numb-bum, but that's another story.
     Anyway, I'm so thankful I took part and I'm grateful to all those wonderful people who made it happen.
     And on a completely unrelated topic... the Taylor Swift concert was awesome. If you're a fan but unsure if she'd do a good concert- yes! She does an amazing concert. About every two songs had a story to go with them, with actors/dancers and new sets and costumes for everyone. It was pretty cool. I was really impressed. And my seven year old daughter loved it!

Jade- right when Taylor Swift popped out of the stage. (And me with my nose looking pointy!)

     So last week was a little crazy. I didn't get the amount of writing done that I wanted to. But life happens and taking the time to do WriteOnCon was definitely worth it. I'm currently at 15,000 words for my WIP. But I'm back on track for this week. So here we go...