Inspiration for my new WIP

     I'm so excited to be starting something new. I read on all these other blogs how people have 2, 3, 5, heck 10 WIPs they're working on at once and I so can't do that. I get involved in one world and I eat, drink, sleep, breathe it. It would be hard for me to be in multiple worlds at once (I think, although I've never actually tried it so who knows). But I've been lost in Jessica's world for the past almost two years, what with writing and constantly editing Daze and Knights, and then writing the sequel that is both untitled and unfinished. In fact, it's VERY hard for me to put it aside, especially since I'm so close to the end. But I'm stuck on a part and I'd much rather be writing than not, so that's the plan for now.
     So I already have some inspiration for my new WIP of which I've only written just over 2,000 words over the weekend. Music is such a huge inspiration to me though and when I'm lost in a new world, suddenly songs just leap out and I know they're perfect for the book. I've added some of those songs to my playlist: Heartache Tonight by Michael Buble, Back to December by Taylor Swift, Heavily Broken by the Veronicas, All I Need by Within Temptation, and Take It All by Adele. Do you see a theme here? Haha.
     Another inspiration... well it would be this guy:

 Rupert Penry-Jones as Captain Wentworth and how he looks without regency garb!                                           

     Rupert Penry-Jones who plays Captain Frederick Wentworth in the newest version of Persuasion. It's my favorite version except for a couple of very awkward parts that make me cringe (like the kiss, it's totally ewwwww). Since my new WIP is a remake of Persuasion, this guy is my Wentworth. Granted, he's getting up there in years (sorry dude, but it's true), so he really couldn't be my Wentworth if ever a movie were to be made (I know, I know, I'm only 2,000 words in). But that doesn't matter. He IS my Wentworth. I love how he's totally hot (in my opinion, some might disagree) but not perfect looking. And after writing all about a brunette, I'm happy to move onto a blond. Haha- silly yes, but still true.
     So what about you? Starting a new WIP? Getting new inspiration for an old WIP maybe?