My goal was to have 10,000 words written by today. I got there yesterday. Ooo-aaa! Ooo-aaa! (Okay, that sounded fine in my head but it looks funny written down.) Go me, go me. I'm psyched. If I can keep it up, 10,000 words a week, I could have the book done in about 6-8 weeks. Wouldn't that be sweet! I'm obviously on a writing-high... we'll see how long it lasts.
     I'm finding it really helpful to set goals. My goal is a thousand words a day, not counting Sunday. But striving for 10,000 a week isn't a bad idea either.  I know every writer is different, some set goals, some don't. Some write whenever they can. With Daze and Knights, I just tried to write everyday. I didn't care how many words or how many pages. But I remember once I really got into it, I went crazy, writing as much as I could. This time, especially since I know exactly what's going to happen in the story except for maybe some minor details (I still haven't worked out location- eek), there's really nothing to stop me except myself. So a goal is necessary. I'm also hoping that by spilling this all on my blog, I will keep up with the goals so I don't embarrass myself. Haha.
     Anyway, wish me luck and I wish all of you out there luck on whatever it is you're working on. Cheers!