Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week: Neil
(see him dancing above and a pic below) Aaaahhhhh, who wouldn't want to dance with him?! It's pretty obvious I love me a great love story, and the dance above is just that. A love story that's passionate, complicated, heartfelt, painful... all in less than 2 minutes. It gives me chills. Especially the part where Melanie literally runs, launches herself into the air, and Neil catches her. Amazing.

And some Random Thoughts...

   1. I'm joining The Spark Blogfest over at The Writer Coaster. You blog about what/who/which author inspired you to be a writer. I'm interested to see what other people's inspirations are.

   2. There's a post over at YATopia today that I just loved. Especially when she said, "NEGATIVITY- WE BANISH YOU!" It's like a mantra I want to repeat in my head daily.

     3. I've been watching Lord of The Rings with my hubby this week. We've got the last movie still to go, but I've been watching it and marvelling. J.R.R. Tolkien really did so much for the writing and the fantasy world, and I see how so many writers nowadays have been influenced by the world he created.

     4. Writing makes me so happy. Enough said.