Timeless, by Alexandra Monir
     Read this! Read it now! It is so great, you must go to the library or your nearest Chapters or Barnes and Noble or wherever and get this book now.
     When I've read a book I loved, I just have to let everyone know, especially when the book isn't high on the radar. I heard about this book simply because I was searching for YA time-travel books. While I've found mostly older books, this one is brand new, having been released just this year.
     The book is about Michele who goes to live with her Grandparents in NYC after a family tragedy. She finds a key and a diary that take her back in time to 1910 where she meets her ancestors and a guy she's been dreaming about since she was young.
     Here's what I love: It is just a beautiful story. I cried (which is weirdly a selling point for me). Michele travels to 1910, the 1920's and the 1940's, all in New York City, and I loved what the author showed of those times and the music she mentioned. She obviously did her research because the time's are all described very well. Mostly though, and back to my first point, the story was just awesome. I read late into the night last night because I just couldn't stop. Once I was done and had tucked myself into bed, I still couldn't stop thinking about the book.
     My teeny complaints: For one, it was written in 3rd person and a few different moments that threw me off for some reason. It shouldn't have but there were times when I was like, "what, she? why not I?" My other teeny complaint was that at times I didn't think the dialogue was very believable. Not from the characters in the past- I think theirs was great. But the MC- Michele- sometimes would say things and I'd be like, "people don't say that", or it just sounded somewhat formal to me.
     But keep in mind, those are TEENY complaints because overall I loved the book and would read it again. And again. And again. And you should too.