Update On Book 2

     Well, I've written just under 42,000 words on Jessica- book 2. So I'm not quite halfway through, but I still feel like I've got a long way to go. And I'm a little worried that it won't be long enough, which is laughable since the first draft of book 1 was approx 168,000 words! I know! I've cut about 50,000 words off it- more than I've written s far for book 2! That's why I feel like I've got a lot still to do. (FYI- this is my computer word count, not my estimated word count which happens to be a lot less.)
     To motivate me, I've decided to put songs on my playlist this month that I've either mentioned in book 2 or have inspired me for book 2. The one that inspires me the most is Taylor Swift's Haunted. It's just so perfect for the situation of book 2, for what Jessica has to go through, for how Alric is towards her. I get the shivers every time I hear that song because of what I see in my head while listening to it.
     If book 2 was a movie, I'd use The First One by Boys Like Girls at the very beginning of the movie because it very aptly describes what Jessica is going through missing Lord Alric, and how she sees him everywhere even though he's not really there.
      I mention both Club Can't Handle Me (by Flo-Rida) and You Don't Know Me (by Michael Buble) in one particular scene- a scene that I happen to love.
     And just because I love Two Is Better Than One and it's like my anthem/theme for book 1, I just had to put it in.
     That's all I got. I'm sure as I write more, I'll find more songs that either fit into the book or inspire me for different scenes. I'm trying to ignore the worry that it might not be long enough, or that I'm butchering the history part of it (it takes place in 1781). I just want to keep it up and get the story written. That's my goal. See it, live it, write it. Later I'll worry if it sucks bricks.