Yesterday I wrote approx. 4,000 words on Jessica book 2. 4,000 words!!! What a great day! It just put me in the best mood, I felt so excited about the book, nothing could get me down. I even blogged about writing sequels because I just felt so great about the work I'd done yesterday and so far on the whole book.
     Then last night as I'm checking my email, I get a nice form rejection. Nothing like a rejection to kill my good mood. Or totally annihilate it. At least they didn't have any pages so the rejection was based on my query only or on the story idea. That's something. I guess. Although it makes me question my query... but I'm going to leave it for now since it's a brand new draft.
     Well, to lighten my mood today, I put 15 songs on my playlist that I'm loving right now. I couldn't have a silent playlist, it just wasn't working for me. Silly I know, but I can't help myself. I think these songs show just how varied my music tastes are. So I'm going to use the music to get me pumped again so that I can ignore last night's rejection and churn out another thousand words or so this afternoon. Wish me luck, and have a happy Thursday.