Info for Book 2

     In my quest to write a book that takes place in Virginia, year 1781- end of the American Revolution, I find I'm seriously lacking in the knowledge department. First of all, well, I'm Canadian! Although I did live in Connecticut for my last two years of high school, my US History class started at Reconstruction (after the civil war). So no help there. Also, since I'm Canadian, there just aren't the resources in my local small-town library. Even the Calgary library is lacking certain books/movies I've been looking for. So I'm trying to get my hands on anything from that time and about the American Revolution so I can get a better idea of that time in general.

     One movie I found and watched this week is called 1776. It's a musical. Now, I like musicals, I'm definitely a fan. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland- I love those old movies. And I go for the newer ones too like Moulin Rouge, Phantom, and Chicago. This movie was filmed in the 70s. Not my favorite decade for movies, I must admit. The movie wasn't that bad though, although it was hard for me to tell sometimes when they were just being musical cheesy or if some of those characters were actually like they were portrayed. I did learn a lot about the signing of the Declaration of Independence though (which is what the movie was about).
     I also watched a National Geographic movie about George Washington and learned a bit about him, although none of it was really all that helpful to my book. My book takes place in Virginia, but is mainly about the British army interacting with an American family, and Jessica of course.
     All I have to say is, thank heaven for the internet. Yes, it's a bad bad place. Sometimes I shudder to think what kids are using it for these days, but there is some good too. For example, I found a group of reenacters who recreated the 33rd Regiment of Foot, which is exactly the Regiment I'm using in my book. I plied them with questions galore and got back answers to everything. So grateful!

This is the 33rd Regiment of Foot out in California. Their website is

     Then I found, I don't even remember how, this fabulous blog called An Historical Lady. This woman, who has an inspiring story, sews these gorgeous dresses (among other things). Check out her blog, I thought it was incredible.

I have Jessica wear this dress (without the hat) in my book because I loved it so much! Check out this blog at

     I still need more info though. Right now I'm just trying to get the book written, but it's hard when I know I'm getting some things wrong, and I'm not adding in a lot of detail because I just don't know it. I figure that if Daze and Knights ever does get published, I'll have a legitimate excuse to take a trip out East to really experience the history and make book 2 as accurate as I can make it. Meanwhile, I'll have to keep haunting websites like the Colonial Williamsburg one ( to learn anything I can. That's all I can do!