Swimming in the Harry Potter pool

     You might be tired of listening to me rave and gush about Harry Potter. The thing is, when I read the books and watch the movies I get so wrapped up in the world it's like being fully immersed in a pool that's so warm and comfortable and magical that I don't ever want to get out.
     I saw the movie last thursday night and absolutely loved it. It's unusual for sequels to be better- usually 2nd and 3rd movies are worse than the first one. But the HP movies have just gotten better and better and number 7 was the best one yet. This may be the result of being unable (and unwilling) to extract myself from the HP world, but I thought it was one of the best movies I've seen lately. I haven't gotten to re-reading book 7 yet so I couldn't really remember the things the movie left out- also why I loved the movie so much: I couldn't be annoyed with what was missing.
     Re-reading the books has made me wonder what it is about them that I love so much. Or, as an aspiring author myself, I can't help but dissect what could have possibly made them so hugely popular.
     Unfortunately I have no answers to that question. I mean yeah, they're full of humor, action, romance (later on), and suspense. But a lot of books can claim that. I think JK Rowling's voice really stands out- I find myself thinking and saying words like "bloody", "blimey", "mental", and "brilliant" when I'm reading the books. But the voice could be so strong for me just because it's slightly foreign.
     There is one thing that probably attracts me to the books more than any other. The fact that I have always secretly wanted to be able to do magic. Not Criss Angel-like weirdness or annoying card tricks. Real magic. And JK Rowling made a world where normal people in the world we know have the ability to learn magic and go to a school that teaches it. That in itself, sold me on the books from the start.
     But could that be the only reason they did so well? Doubtful. But as to why they are so hugely popular- I could wrack my brains for hours on end to figure out the formula that she used to make a massively successful book series but I would never come up with the answer. And even if I did, I'm sure luck and timing play a huge part aside from the obvious: great writing.
     All I do know is that I love the world of Harry Potter. I love being able to escape into a world where people can become invisible, turn cups into gerbils, turn themselves into animals or change their appearance, and ride flying broomsticks. There really is nothing else like it anywhere. Which is why I re-read. And re-read, and re-read. Even though I haven't yet finished the series this time around, I'm already looking forward to July when I can dunk myself into the Harry Potter pool all over again.