Jessica Jacobs (played by Samantha Munro)
      It's a new month which means new music. I thought about posting christmas music but to avoid annoying people, I'll wait until December. Some people just don't like christmas songs. Shocking, I know.     
     Now if you can't already tell, music is a huge part of my life. I have it on almost all day. I listen while I'm eating, cleaning, cooking, writing, you name it. I even wish I had a speaker in my bathroom so that I could listen while I'm in the shower!

 Lord Alric (played by James Maslow)

     Anyway, I've thought a lot about my book becoming a movie. That might sound silly to some people but the fact is, it started out as a movie in my head. The writing came after I had played the scenes out in my head already. Certain songs that I listened to while writing, or that I've heard since, have struck me as being perfect for different points in the book/movie. (Of course sometimes the whole song doesn't actually work, but they don't play whole songs in movies anyway so who cares!) I know if my book were ever to be made into a movie, I wouldn't have any say in the soundtrack. Although I would try hard for the last song (Two is Better than One) since I actually mention it in the book.      
     So here's my Daze and Knights movie soundtrack.
                                                   DAZE AND KNIGHTS

     According To You, by Orianthi: I thought this song was appropriate because Lord Purvis calls Jessica weak, useless and pathetic.
     Just What I Needed, by Faber Drive: Jessica comments about how she's wasting Lord Alric's time. This would come after that comment when they start training.
     Beside You, by Marianas Trench: I often listened to this song when writing the tree scences between Jessica and Alric. I thought it would be a great song for their first kiss moment.
     Beethoven's 7th Symphony, 2nd Movement (only the first 2 min and 50 sec): This is the song Jessica plays in her head when she dances ballet for Alric.
     Face Down, by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: when  Lord Purvis beats up Jessica
     Take My Hand, by Simple Plan: a great song for the battle at the end. I listened to this one a lot too when I was writing those battle scenes.
     You and I Tonight, by Faber Drive: when Jessica and Alric are together in his room and she tells him the truth about where she's really from.
     Two is Better Than One, by Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift: When Jessica wakes up back home. 

 Lady Fiona (played by Annasophia Robb) and Lord Purvis (played by David Kross)
     To go with it, because I always like pictures to look at, I'm posting two actors and two actresses who I could see playing my four main roles. Now keep in mind, my characters were made up in my head- not based on these people. And also, I've barely seen these kids act (except for James Maslow's cheesiness on Big Time Rush, and Annasophia Robb on Bridge to Terabithia when she was younger) so I don't know if they'd actually be good at the parts. These are just the people who came the closest to what the characters look like in my head.
     Anyway, this was fun for me to do, even if it's boring for the rest of you. And something I'll want to remember if that day ever comes where my book actually makes it onto the big screen!