Random Thoughts

     Random gripe: Why does shopping with four kids (aged 6 and under) have to be so hard? Why does it tire me out so? I walk out of the store ready to just lie down and die from exhaustion and from the restraint I exercise from not yelling in the store. I had someone say to me recently how they miss shopping with younger kids because it's so much more exciting when they're grabbing things and asking for this and that. Let me tell you, that's one kind of excitement that I'll be glad to say buh-bye to.
     Random kid advice: Don't buy a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer stuffy- your kids will all fight over it.

     Random stupidness: After finding those actors to play my main characters, I realized that Lord Alric, Lady Fiona and Lord Purvis should all have English accents. James Maslow and Annasophia Robb are American, and David Kross is German. Oops. I guess I'll have to re-cast. Ha! (James Maslow- you better start learning an English accent so you're prepared for when my book becomes a movie!)

     Random fact: My Christmas list so far is mostly books. Shocker.
     Random request: I need information on British soldiers during the American Revolution. Why is all the info out there only about the Americans? I need to know about uniforms, rank, how and why men became soldiers, etc. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

     Random excitement: After I'm done reading current book, I'm going to re-read all Harry Potters in preparation for movie 7 (coming out in two weeks!).

     Random bit of patient amusement: I love the show Vampire Diaries- really I do. But could they have one episode where there isn't some sort of event/party/carnival/dance/founder's day thing going on? Just one?

     Random quote: Keep on lovin' what is true and the world will come to you/ You can find it in yourself.