Best Chick Flicks of All Time

     In honor of seeing Life As We Know It this past weekend and it becoming one of my new fave chick flicks, I thought I would make a list of my top ten favorites. Comprising of romantic comedies only- not teen movies, dance movies, period pieces, etc.

1) The Wedding Planner- Jennifer Lopez has to plan a wedding for a guy she's totally fallen for- hello Matthew McConaughey. It's got tons of hilarious moments and it's definitely one of my fave JLo movies. Even though she's ridiculously gorgeous and there's no way she would ever get dumped by that dude in the market, she's actually very believable as a neurotic, OCD, lovelorn woman. And my favorite line- "you saved... my shoe."

2) Only You- Marisa Tomei plays Faith, a woman who gets the name of her soul mate- Damon Bradley- off a oujia board when she's 11. Days before her wedding she answers the phone and it's Damon Bradley, calling for her fiancee. She freaks out and then follows him to Italy, hoping just to get a look at him before she gets married. While there she falls for Robert Downey Jr who pretends to be Damon Bradley- low I know, but he's so crazily in love with her that you kind of forgive him immediately. The setting is the best thing about the movie, showing Venice, Rome, and Positano (sp???), making anyone who watches it long to be there. And it has what I think is the most romantic moment in a chick flick ever- when Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr slow dance in the middle of the road to a saxophonist playing nearby. What can I say- I have a thing with dancing.

3) While You Were Sleeping- Sandra Bullock is also great in romantic comedies (a nod to The Proposal is in order here) and this one is one of her best. Playing a loser who falls for a man she has never even talked to- only seen daily taking the train, she's sweet, charming, and loveable. I love watching this movie at christmas- since a lot of it takes place during that time. The best scene is when Sandra and Bill Pullman slip on the ice, fall down, and his pants rip open. So funny and yet surprisingly romantic at the same time.

4) How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days- Ok, this has to be THE funniest chick flick ever. Kate Hudson is absolutely hilarious acting like a crazy girlfriend who does all the wrong things to drive Matthew McConaughey away. When she melds their faces together to make pictures of their kids, puts a kleenex to his nose and tells him to blow, and forces him to eat some sort of barley wheat crap while she sneaks a hamburger in the back room, you can't help but laugh out loud. Although the song at the end is painful, the two of them have major chemistry And again- hello Matthew McConaughey!

5) P.S. I Love You- This movie is so sad, it could almost be a drama instead of comedy. I cry during almost the entire thing- seriously. Gerard Butler is at his best and most charming in this movie- he's what keeps the movie from being a total downer. I love it I love it I love it- even through all the tears.

6) 13 Going on 30- Jennifer Garner is made for these kinds of movies, and she does an awesome job playing a thirteen-year-old trapped in a 30-year-old body. Although it's highly unbelievable that a teen would want to be 30 (trust me- you don't want to be), Jennifer is hilarious with all the freaking out she does- just like a 13-year-old would do if she suddenly turned into an adult with a job, a boyfriend, and boobs. Whenever I reach the end of the movie I can't help but wish I could see Matt and Jenna's life played out until they get married. But this is just one movie, not a book, so obviously not possible. Sigh.

7) The Holiday- Don't really know why I love this movie but I do. Maybe because I think Kate Winslet is a fantastic actress and Jude Law plays such a sweet, loveable character (unlike the icky Alfie). Maybe because both Cameron Diaz and Jack Black do great as the comic relief. Or maybe because it seems so honest to me, so real. It's not all magic fluff and happy happy trips in la-la land. Not that I don't like that too. I just get a lot of emotion from this movie and I like that. The only downside- the fact that I can't help but wonder what the crap they're gonna do when the movie ends. I mean, hello? Both couples live in different countries. So not going to work, but whatever.

8) Just Like Heaven- Reese Witherspoon haunts Mark Ruffalo- he thinks she's dead- she thinks she's alive. Since she's pretty much like a spirit- he's left to figure it all out. The best scene in this movie is near the end when he's stealing the body from the hospital and then has to kiss her to wake her up. Cheesy? Yes. Romantic, sweet, and heart-wrenching? Yes, yes, yes.

9) Penelope- Other people probably wouldn't have a movie about a girl with a pig-nose whose parents keep her locked up while trying to find a blue blood to marry her on their list of fave chick flicks. Well I do- I love this movie. Although I don't think Christina Ricci's nose is quite so horrendous as to make one want to run screaming and then crash through a glass window on the second floor, I do feel for her whole situation. She has to marry a blue blood to break the curse of her ugly nose. Enter James McAvoy (again probably not most girls top in handsome and swoon-worthy leading men) who has been mistaken as a blue blood but really he's an ex-musician who's addicted to gambling. She falls in love with him only to have him reject her proposal because he can't in fact break the curse for her. She learns to love herself, he quits gambling and goes back to music, and duh- they end up together in the end minus the pig nose. Trust me- it's a great movie.

10) I have to give a shout out to Julia Roberts- the queen of romantic comedies. There's Notting Hill, Runaway Bride, My Best Friends Wedding, Valentine's Day, Eat Pray Love, and of course Pretty Woman. How could I not mention her, with her long red sometimes curly locks, her ginormous smile, and her burst of a laugh. The woman is a chick flick icon. Not mentioning her would be a crime.

     And there you have it folks- movies I can watch again and again and again. Watch 'em and you'll love 'em too.