Welcome Home

   So I got back from my girls weekend last night. It was a great weekend but I was pretty tired so I went to bed early. Luckily I did because starting at 2 am my oldest daughter Jade started throwing up. Then went Logan, then Avery. Welcome home to me.

While I had a few moments of quiet in the shower I came up with this:

Ode to Barf
You woke me up a little past two
Your hair and shirt all covered in goo
I changed your sheets, you had a shower
I wished your room smelled like a flower
I wore my shirt just like a scarf
So I wouldn't get sick from your barf
Your brother and sister joined right in
I got no sleep from all the din 
I wish the sickness would say goodbye
So I could just lay down and die

   What my poem lacks in wit, it makes up for in complete honesty. It's like I'm being punished for having a weekend away from my kids. What's up with that??? All I can do is hope and pray that my poor kids will get better soon- for their benefit as well as mine.