Girls Weekend

     I haven't really mentioned my girls trip last weekend, but it was great! We shopped, shopped, and shopped some more. Oh- and ate so much that I felt stuffed most of the time. And there were movies too- lots of movies. It's nice to have some time away, to get a break from diapers and crying and "mooooom, mooooom!" over and over. I find that it's good to miss my family- it helps to not take them for granted. And it's great to come home and have Avery run at me with her arms out. Soooo cute!
     Anyway, the highlights of the trip for me were probably all the food and movies. Shopping at Target too- I love that place. We tried some new restaurants- a BBQ place, a Mexican place (yum) and a Mongolian Grill called HuHot. So delish! That was probably my favorite. In fact, I ate so much good food that I barely ate any of the many treats that I bought. Now they're sitting in my cupboard, waiting for the weekend when I can devour them all. Ahhh Milky Way bars- stop calling my name.
     We saw a movie each night which was great because I rarely get to go to the movies. I love it. There's something so exciting about getting the ticket, the popcorn, and then waiting in anticipation for the movie to begin. One of my roommates at BYU said once that she'd get so distracted by the previews that she'd forget what movie she was seeing and then she'd get excited all over again when the movie started. I feel that exact same way.
     Charlie St. Cloud was the first one we saw. Helloooo Zac Efron! My husband always bugs me that I have a crush on him and I totally didn't. After seeing that movie though... The best part was when Emily blurted out "WOW!" Hilarious. The next night we saw Salt- a typical Angelina Jolie movie. Then on sunday night we saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Loved it! So it was kinda cheesy and it won't win an Oscar, but the guy is just so charmingly nerdy, and I love anything to do with magic, that I laughed out loud and had a great time.
     We went to this huge antique place which smelled like dust and mold and had all this junk that I wouldn't pay 25 cents for, let alone the ridiculous prices they were demanding. They had these medieval helmets that were over a hundred bucks so I didn't buy one, but we had fun trying them on. I'm going to attempt to post a pic of me wearing one. Do you think it's the kind of helmet Lord Alric would wear or what? It's not quite how I imagined it but close.